Boost the way you manage your customer relationships

Odoo CRM

Manage your leads simply

Your customer leads are managed in one place. Benefit from complex and precise filters to select the leads / prospects that interest you. Group them according to your preferences!​

Do you have a specific internal operation? We can customize this tool and adapt it to your needs. 

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Statistics for better planning

Enjoy different detailed views

Easily plan your activities, and get a detailed view in real time on the follow-up of your prospects.

Simply qualify your leads and control your customer and prospect relationships in a single medium.​

​Take advantage of a flexible CRM that adapts to your business, and evolves at the same time!

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Fully integrated CRM

All your applications communicate with each other, a single support for all your needs!

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3D Dental Store
3D Dental Store Case Study

3D Dental Store is a company specialized in digital dentistry. We are experts in 3D scanners, 3D printers and Exocad software. They have integrated Odoo in their company.​

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