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​Create personalized quotes adapted to your prospects' needs. Send them and follow your business to close them. Simplified management of each of your sales steps.

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Thanks to the "Sales" application, you can create, follow and order all your quotes. You can register your contracts, follow the invoicing... Manage all your sales process to prioritize your customer relationship. 

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Fully integrated sales

All your applications communicate with each other, a single support for all your needs!

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3D Dental Store

3D Dental Store Case Study

3D Dental Store est une entreprise spécialisée en dentisterie numérique. Nous sommes experts en scanners 3D, imprimantes 3D et dans le logiciel Exocad.  Ils ont intégré Odoo dans leur entreprise.

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RUSTIK Case Study

An adventure park full of discoveries for travelers. Between quests and puzzles, RUSTIK has chosen Odoo for its operation.

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