Subteno is a homogeneous team,
complementary and who knows how to work together.

Today, our teams include more than thirty Subtenautes
spread over all our agencies, available to advise you,
and train you on the Odoo IT solution,
and on the best way to implement it in your company.

Balanced business

A relationship of trust

Subteno operates with a "balanced management" approach
which allows us to prioritize the well-being of our
employees in the company.

In order to balance their personal and professional lives
our teams are free to divide their working hours as they wish over the year, their working hours as they wish.

At Subteno, autonomy and the assumption of responsibility
by our employees are at the heart of our business.

Discover the originality of management

Our jobs

 Project Manager

They ensure the smooth running of their clients' projects, each one having a dedicated project manager. They are present to manage the teams, ensure the smooth running of the tasks, and above all to exchange daily with the client on the progress of the mission, to review any questions, and to validate with them the functionalities under development. The Project Manager's job requires being organized, rigorous, attentive, and knowing how to manage a team.

 Software solutions integrator

They take care of the development and configuration of customer projects. But their role does not stop there! They analyze the customer's needs for each of their tasks in order to develop the most suitable solution. Our integrators are regularly in contact with our customers in order to validate various developed functionalities at a precise moment. The integrator's job requires a high level of expertise in digital solutions to keep up with the constant evolution of new computer technologies.

 Business expert

He is the "business" referent of the mission, and his professional background gives him the necessary know-how to understand the client's problems.

Nos compétences clés

The analysis

Before the start of your project, we discuss with you in order to understand the problems and to appropriate your business specificities.

The accompaniment

We support you during and after the implementation of your project to improve the performance of your tool and the autonomy of your teams.

The board

Every business is different.
The digital solutions implemented in your company must be adapted to
to meet your needs.

The training

We train your teams on the Odoo tool, as well as on the functionalities that we have implemented in your company, in order to make your teams totally autonomous.

The development

Our team of software solution integrators develops specific functionalities to meet your needs and your business issues.

Business expertise

Many of our employees come from the industrial and retail sectors and have a thorough understanding of the business issues in these areas.

Our values

 The Boldness

Subteno thinks big. It is the audacity of its director, Sébastien LANGE, which is at the origin of the important growth of the activity, and this value is passed on to all the company's team members. Today, Subteno has 30 employees in 6 agencies throughout France, and is expanding internationally.

 Team spirit

The well-being of our employees is our priority, and solidarity is the cornerstone of our organization: "Alone we advance; together we build."

The quality of the expertise

For more than 14 years, we have been carefully integrating Odoo with our customers, which has allowed us to develop a recognized and appreciated technical and functional expertise.