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Odoo is an ERP / CRM that allows you to cover all your company's activities with a single software package. Indeed, thanks to these applications (Project, Sales, Purchase...), your teams will be able to carry out their missions simply and efficiently with a software adapted to their needs.


​Odoo meets all the needs of your company. This Open-Source software can be adapted to your working methods and your business logic.


Each year Odoo creates new features to complete and improve the ERP.


Odoo covers the spectrum of your business. Various applications are present to meet each of your needs.

Une analyse des données

All the applications present in Odoo ERP allow you to analyze the daily data of your company. You can manage your stocks, carry out the inventory... 

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Un ERP simple

Odoo is an easy to use software package. Indeed, all its features are intuitive and require very few manipulations before obtaining the expected result.

An optimized solution for simplified business management.

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