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Application Site Web
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Application Site Web Odoo

Qu’est-ce que l’application Site Web de Odoo ?

What is the Odoo Website application?
The Web Site application of the Odoo software package allows you to build a showcase or e-commerce website in a few clicks. Indeed, this application offers pre-designed templates to adapt to the image of the company. Different functionalities such as the configuration of the company colors, the font... simplifies the creation of the website and harmonizes its design in its entirety.

Comment créer son site web ?

How to create a website?
With Odoo, the construction of a web site is done easily through multiple customizable blocks where content, images, colors are modifiable. Odoo even offers to add pre-designed backgrounds and animations to texts and images. For an even more fun side, texts and buttons can be created with a color gradient.

Odoo va encore plus loin !

Odoo goes even further!
Odoo is connected to free and royalty-free images that allow to illustrate the content of the website. For more animation, it is possible to add YouTube videos via URLs or company's own videos. 

Odoo prévoit-il l’optimisation d’un site web ? 

Does Odoo provide for the optimization of a website? 
Well yes! Given the importance of SEO today, Odoo helps companies in this process through the promotion of the website pages (page title, description, keyword recognized by Google...) and through image descriptions for example.

 Odoo also allows to track website visitors by linking it to Google Analytics. Companies will thus be able to analyze the behavior of Internet users.

Peut-on créer un blog avec Odoo ? 

Can I create a blog with Odoo? 
The Website application linked to the Blog application allows you to create a blog in which articles will be published and classified according to predefined blog categories.

Encore plus de fonctionnalités

Even more features
Indeed, linked to the Event application, a dedicated page could be present on the website to present each event and allow users to register.


Odoo also thinks about the recruitment needs of companies by offering them a page dedicated to the presentation of their job offers. Each of their offer has a presentation page with the possibility to apply directly for the desired position. All applications will then be grouped by position in the Recruitment application. This feature saves time for the person or persons in charge of Human Resources.

As in many website creation software, Odoo provides a contact form that can be customized according to the desired objective. It is possible to choose the destination of the information collected in the form, i.e. the creation of a lead in the CRM, the sending of an email indicating a contact request, the creation of an application...  

In addition to the contact form, Internet users can also exchange live with the company's teams via an online Live Chat and thus answer questions asked by Internet users.  

In addition to these features, Odoo offers an online appointment scheduling system that allows you to choose a date for an appointment according to predefined time slots. This feature allows you to avoid numerous email exchanges that often waste time.

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, Odoo allows the creation of showcase websites and e-commerce websites.  

This means that it is possible to sell products online to consumers. This functionality is possible through the E-Commerce application. Thanks to this application, many products sold online have a dedicated page for their presentation (description, sizes, colors...).

As you will have understood, Odoo allows companies to create a showcase or e-commerce website through an intuitive and easy to use system. This Open Source software package helps companies in the referencing of their website and accompanies them in their daily growth thanks to the addition of applications, present to complete their need(s).  

Discover Odoo's Website application through a demo with a Subteno expert!  

To remember

A website is a set of pages linked together allowing the inclusion of content (text/image). This one is accessible via a web address. You can also, depending on the purpose of your site, sell products/articles online on your website.

There are different types of websites:
Showcase site
E-commerce website
Intranet site

Various software such as Wordpress, Jimdo, Weebly, Odoo ... are present to assist you in creating your website.

With Odoo and its Website application, you must choose a name for your website, a domain name and indicate for which company it will be created. Once this step is done, create your website using a template proposed by Odoo. Then, you can use your creativity to build your website.

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